Valerie Coffman

Bethesda, MD

After earning a B.S. in Physics from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from Cornell, I spent five years at the National Institute of Science and Technology writing software for Materials Science research. I left N.I.S.T. in July 2011 to combine my talents for crunching numbers and programming with my love of cooking (and eating) great food by founding Feastie. I am also a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School INNoVATE program and the Founder Institute.

Favorite Foods

I love spicy foods, seafood, barbecue, noodles, and soup. I eat the occasional steak or burger but I'm mostly a less-meatatarian. I like cooking curries, pad thai, tom ka soup, miso soup, ramen hacks, risotto, gumbo, chili, omelettes, and pancakes.