Rachel Kelly

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Love to cook, eat, drink, blog and invent!

London, England

Born in Nottingham, England. Grew up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and now based in north London. Marketing Communications professional, project manager, writer, researcher, tree hugger, home cook and food blogger. Trainee assassin sounds more interesting though but the reality is that I am cooking seasonally, learning to forage and to trust my instincts, and writing about food; discovering new ingredients and dreaming that I'm part kitchen witch, part mad scientist. I wish!

Favorite Foods

I try to cook seasonally with as much local produce as possible, although living in London that's not always possible. I am also trying to be a thrifty, frugal cook. But I want to prove that you can feast like a queen on a pauper's wage!

My favourite food is middle eastern, mediterranean and Spanish; I am also learning about traditional British food. But ask me next month, and it might be something different!

I have never met a bowl of noodles that I didn't like!


Will blog for food.