Recipe Publishers

We love food blogs and food bloggers. We think food bloggers like you have the best recipes, the best photos, and the best original content - and we want home cooks to be able to find the recipes on your blog quickly and easily with our recipe search engine. We also believe your time is valuable - and we don’t think you should waste it adding microformats or special codes to your blog posts. That's why we built the technology to index recipes by ingredient, diet, allergy, dish, and holiday, without requiring extra work from you.

How your site appears in Feastie

When a home cook searches or browses recipes at Feastie, they see snippets that include:

  1. The title of the webpage or recipe.
  2. The name of the blog.
  3. A thumbnail image for the recipe.

When someone clicks on one of these snippets, they go to a page that includes your original recipe page, loaded directly from your server in an iframe, with our tools in a toolbar at the top. We add the toolbar so that the user can bookmark the recipe or add the ingredients to their shopping list. Since the recipe is coming from your server, not ours, this counts as a page view for you and all ad and referral revenues from ads and links on your site go to you.

This works just like some sites you may be familiar with, such as StumbleUpon, that also use frames. When someone sees a page that has your recipe with our toolbar, the address at the top starts with our address, but everything except our toolbar comes from your server. That is, we are not duplicating, copying, or mirroring any of your content. A link in the upper right corner with an image of an 'X' takes you to your page, without the frame, and counts as "google juice" for your blog. We include tags (noindex and noarchive) to prevent search engines like Google from including our frame pages in their indexes or archives. 

Why we use Frames

We want the home cooks who search our site to be able to see your blog post and use our tools with your recipe at the same time. We want them to be able to use the bookmarking and grocery list tools we offer but we don't want to make them go through a doorway page to see the complete recipe with instructions. We researched how people search for recipes and found that they don't want to have to click twice to see the instructions. (Often they don't bother, which means they never see your site!) By using a frame instead of a doorway page, hungry home cooks get the complete recipe right away, with buttons to bookmark and make shopping lists, and you get the page view. It's win-win!

Benefits for Recipe Publishers

Having your site indexed by Feastie provides the following benefits:

  1. Drive traffic to your blog.
  2. Display your recipes in an attractive, photo gallery format.
  3. Your recipes are searchable by ingredient, diet, allergy, dish, and holiday.
  4. Your recipes are connected to our shopping list tool.
  5. You can add the FeastieBar to connect your recipes to our bookmarking, cooking history, and shopping list tools directly from your blog.
  6. Claiming your site gives you access to social media analytics and sponsorship opportunities.

Adding your recipes to Feastie

If you have a food blog, see the bot page for tips on making sure your site is crawlable. To add your site to Feastie, please fill out this form. If you have any other questions, email

Removing or preventing indexing of your recipes on Feastie

To request that links to your recipes are removed from our index, email We will remove your blog from the index within 5 business days. Please note that we may ask you to verify ownership of the blog by emailing from an address that is associated with your blog's domain name or is listed on the blog in question.

See the bot page for instructions on preventing the FeastieBot from indexing your site.