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"Feastie is a comprehensive recipe search engine that has recently earned the title of being the largest food blogger search engine in the world. "

June 28, 2012, InTheCapital
Feastie Takes a Different Approach to Recipe Search

June 26, 2012,
#1 Way to Find & Organize Recipes

May 21, 2012, DailyTekk
"Feastie wants to make it easier and more affordable for people to cook healthy, tasty, home-cooked meals."

March 7, 2012, Tech Crunch
"Feastie, a DC-based recipe search site that generates shopping lists based on what you want to cook, has continued to grow, evolve, and stay competitive. "

February 29, 2012, Tech Cocktail
"For all of you who are unfamiliar with Feastie, it is the ultimate solution to scouring for amazing recipes online. "

February 13, 2012, InTheCapital
"Looking for something yummi and healthy to cook? Check out Feastie."

February 2, 2012, Two-Side Brain
"Feastie is an online recipe search engine that won a recent business plan competition sponsored by Rockville Economic Development"

October 14, 2011, Washington Business Journal
"Feastie is a new recipe search engine that scours food blogs and websites to help you find healthy, tasty and budget-friendly recipes. "

September 25, 2011, Tech Cocktail
"Feastie allows users to search recipes and then to translate recipes into grocery lists and receive applicable coupons. "

September 18, 2011, Washington Post: Capital Business
August, 2011, Woman's World Magazine (print only)
"Your grocery list has gone digital."

June 9, 2011, Sunny 98.5