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Feastie Friday: Easter Recipe Roundup - 25 Recipes for Your Spring Feast

Spring has finally arrived - the trees are coming back to life, flowers are starting to bloom, green grass is peeking through the ground - celebration is in order. After a long (L.O.N.G.) and ridiculously cold winter, Easter is an especially welcome holiday this year. So whether you're observing a religious holiday or just celebrating the beautiful weather, a feast is in order. We've rounded up 25 spring and Easter recipes to help you plan your dinner this weekend. We've got recipes for every meal imaginable, whether you're serving breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner! We chose a fun combination of traditional dishes like ham and lamb and included a few fun recipes like Easter-themed coconut cupcakes and bunny dip. However you choose to celebrate, have a lovely and delicious weekend!

1. Trinity Easter Bread from My Kitchen Addiction
Trinity Easter Bread from My Kitchen Addiction
Photo from My Kitchen Addiction


Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki and Greek Salad

As much as I love where we're currently living, there aren't a lot of take-out-ish type places in the immediate area. There are also highways (I use that term loosely) with only one lane in each direction, no lights, and potholes the size of Texas. With a speed limit of 60mph. How is that a good idea?! I grew up in LA, on the 405 freeway (yes - THE 405 - because that's how we say it in LA), and on side streets with 3 lanes of traffic in each direction. The city is a grid for the most part. Traveling around there just made sense. *the traffic sucks but we're not talking about that right now* So imagine my confusion when we moved to the DC area in 2006. Huh? Traffic circle-what? You want me to pay tolls? To drive on the road? So much we had to get used to. And in the DC area, there was no shortage of great take-out restaurants in our immediate neighborhood, so we had plenty of options when we didn't feel like cooking. Here, not so much. It's cool - I'm into it - and whether you want to believe me or not, I live in the sticks. Like this is full blown country. Houses have WELLS and septic systems and generators for when the power goes out - you know, so you can still have water because the well pump is electric. WHAT?! But again - I'm into it. This is a huge digression, but it all comes back to chicken souvlaki with tzatziki and Greek salad. Why? Because I haven't found a place around here to get it. Because unless I venture into NYC (which is a different situation entirely) I have to live with the fact that chicken souvlaki isn't readily accessible. So I made my own. I was craving Greek take-out, but not willing to drive anywhere too far for it, so I did a Whole Foods run instead and got the ingredients to make it myself. It. Was. So. Good. Like better than some restaurants - you know when you attempt a Serious Eats recipe that even if there are a lot of ingredients and steps (there aren't in this recipe) that the end result is going to be well worth it. And this recipe was no exception. The chicken was tangy and flavorful, the salad was fresh and crunchy, and the flatbread was soft and chewy - it's like a perfect combination of flavors and textures. This really does beat take-out. There's a bit of lag time with marinating the chicken, but otherwise this is a super simple dinner, and great for guests and great for having leftovers. So even if you don't live in the sticks - you should make this. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. 

Feastie Friday: Top It With A Fried Egg - 17 Delicious Dishes Topped With Fried Eggs

There aren't many things that wouldn't benefit from being topped with a fried egg. Well - maybe ice cream. Or cake. But most things + fried egg = GOOD. We've rounded up 17 delicious dishes topped with fried eggs - everything from hot dogs to tacos and pizzas. The mind-blowingly amazing-sounding (and looking) bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg and maple aioli is just one of them. So sunny-side up, over easy, over medium - however you like your egg, fry up a few and try some of these awesome recipes. 

1. Hot Dog A La Peruana With Fried Egg Pickled Onions And Salsa Golf from Okie Dokie Artichokie
Hot Dog A La Peruana With Fried Egg Pickled Onions And Salsa Golf from Okie Dokie Artichokie
Photo from Okie Dokie Artichokie


Feastie Friday: 11 Reasons You Should Still Eat Cookie Dough

If you've ever been reprimanded for eating raw cookie dough, we feel your pain. We get it - raw egg in the raw cookie dough can be dangerous, salmonella/food poisoning yada yada yada - BUT IT TASTES SO GOOD!! So instead of attempting to deter you from eating raw dough, we've rounded up 11 recipes that celebrate raw cookie dough. Far from a blob of cookie dough on a spoon (which is still amazing), these recipes highlight cookie dough in all its raw and delicious glory. Chocolate chip cookie dough creme brulee, anyone? Or maybe you'd prefer some chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes? No matter what dessert you're craving, we're pretty sure there's a way to integrate cookie dough - so whip up one of these recipes and rejoice in the beauty that is safe raw cookie dough! 

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes from Handle the Heat
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes from Handle the Heat
Photo from Handle the Heat


Healthy Soft Banana Bread Chocolate Chip Cookies {vegan}

These are like, the healthiest cookies ever. If there was a yearbook for cookies, they'd totally make the senior superlatives - for "healthiest", of course. Right next to the photo of the girl with the best hair and the "cutest couple" (do high schools still do that?!). These healthy soft banana bread chocolate chip cookies from Amy's Healthy Baking are magnificent - I don't really understand how they manage to achieve such magnificence with so few ingredients, but they manage. The cookies (when you make them the same size as I did) have only 75 calories each - and they're sweet, chocolaty, and totally satisfying. And they come together in one bowl, no mixer, no weird ingredients - just that almost-rotten banana on your kitchen counter and a few pantry staples. I shared a few with the nurse and my doctor at a recent visit, and was asked, "Do you take orders? Because we want more of these." Mine looked a bit different from Amy's - I was disappointed at first, but then delighted once I took a bite - they literally taste like little banana bread cookies. If you have a banana wasting away on your kitchen counter, make these. It's the perfect solution for the age-old problem: You have ONE rotting banana, not THREE, so you can't make banana bread, so what the heck can you make with one banana? Well now you have a solution.

Feastie Friday: 15 Genius Fast Food Takeout/Fakeout Recipes

Thinking about swinging through the drive-thru or stopping for takeout at your favorite chain restaurant? Think again. Convenient, yes. Healthy? Probably not. Wholesome? Definitely not. While these 15 genius fast food and takeout fakeout recipes aren't necessarily low-fat or low-calorie, they do use wholesome ingredients and give you complete control over what you eat. Yes those Taco Bell Mexican pizzas are tasty - but they're high in sodium, highly processed, and full of additives and preservatives. Why not try copying your favorites at home? We've rounded up these 15 awesome recipes so you can make more wholesome versions of your favorites at home - the next time you crave that Big Mac, hit up the grocery store instead of the drive-thru!

1. Copycat Panera Frontega Chicken Panini from Iowa Girl Eats
Copycat Panera Frontega Chicken Panini from Iowa Girl Eats
Photo from Iowa Girl Eats


Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese

Every once in a blue moon, I come across a recipe or way of cooking something that kind of changes the way I think about a particular dish. For example, eggs. I have a weird relationship with eggs. I did not eat an egg until I was 16 years old (I mean an egg on its own - not like if it's in a baked good or dish, that's never bothered me). I was absolutely repulsed by them in every way possible - the texture, the smell, the idea of them - totally turned me off. When I was 16 I decided to try a scrambled egg for the first time, and I was intrigued. Not bad. So scrambled eggs were cool - but there was NO WAY an egg was crossing my lips in any other form other than scrambled. Eventually I came around and decided that fried eggs looked good - but NO YOLKS. Nope. Nuh uh. Yolks weirded me out big time. So I ate scrambled eggs and fried egg whites until I was about 29 years old - when it happened. I was sitting across from my husband during breakfast at a restaurant we (used to) love, and I was watching him ooh and ahh over his eggs benedict - and he offered me a bite. I hesitated - but he promised me that it was delicious and I'd love it and "just try it, you'll like it", and all that jazz. So I did. I had a bite of a poached egg with a runny yolk - and I almost fell off my chair. HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED OUT ON THIS AMAZINGNESS FOR SO LONG?! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!!! Now I have an egg every. single. morning. for breakfast. I am a creature of habit, and once I find something I like, I ride it till the wheels fall off. But it's been almost 5 years and I'm still eating an egg every day! Over medium - runny yolks, set white - on toast. With a tiny glass of OJ. So that eggs benedict is what did it for me - one bite of one specific dish just completely life. 

However. If anyone is eating a hard boiled egg or egg salad sandwich anywhere within 30 feet of me I will hurl. CANNOT handle boiled eggs. I'm not a complete jerk - if I see someone near me eat a boiled egg or egg salad I'll just leave the room - but the very thought of it makes me queasy. 

ANYWAY!! Back to recipes that change things! This recipe - this creamy Greek yogurt mac & cheese from Cooking a la Mel - this changed the way I see mac & cheese. Previously, mac & cheese was a major indulgence to be enjoyed a few times a year - I'd make my butternut mac & cheese a few times in the winter, maybe, and the real deal mac & cheese maybe once a year. But this Greek yogurt mac & cheese - not only is it STUPID easy (I mean that in a good way, obviously), it's lightened up enough so that I can enjoy it more often. I know it sounds a bit odd, and I was very skeptical at first, but this is so good. It's sharp and tangy and rich and creamy and smooth - everything mac & cheese should be. I would NEVER have thought to put Greek yogurt in my mac & cheese - and now it just seems so right. I'm telling you - no, I'm imploring you - make this. It may not be your "eggs benedict moment", but I bet it'll change the way you see mac & cheese. 

Feastie Friday: 21 Super Healthy, Super Tasty Smoothies

Some things just taste better after a short stint in the blender. For example - what do you do with a pile of kale, peanut butter, berries, bananas, and almond milk? Make a (really unappealing) salad? The magic happens in the blender. For whatever reason, those ingredients tossed together in a bowl really don't sound tasty, but when you swirl them around in your blender for a few minutes, you've got a delicious, nutritious smoothie. We've rounded up 21 super healthy, super tasty smoothies - everything from bananas foster and chocolate peanut butter to strawberry watermelon and blueberry basil. These are great options for a quick breakfast on the go, or a mid-afternoon snack. They're also a great way to get more fruits and veggies in your diet - tossing spinach, kale, or even carrots into your smoothie is a great way to add nutrition to a delish frosty treat. 

1. Bananas Foster Smoothie from Nosh My Way
Bananas Foster Smoothie from Nosh My Way
Photo from Nosh My Way


Soft Berry Oat Snack Bars {vegan}

We are thisclose to spring. Literallythisclose. But I can't take it anymore - I NEED SOME FRUIT! I need blueberries and blackberries! Since blueberries are making their way into the stores near me (I don't think they're from around here - but I'll take what I can get), I'm getting all excited about all of the blueberry recipes I want to try this year. I had bookmarked these chewy blackberry oat bars from Yammie's Glutenfreedom (I love her -  if you haven't already checked out her blog, do it now!), and I came across the recipe again this past week. I WANT TO EAT THEM. Every time I look at her photos I want to eat those bars! Since the fresh fruit isn't stellar here yet, I decided to give these a try with frozen fruit. TOTAL SCORE. They're amazing! Now don't judge me. But I ate the entire batch myself. Over the course of a week -  not all at once - but I ate the WHOLE batch. The Mr. doesn't like coconut oil, so when he saw me pouring the coconut oil into the bowl he decided he wasn't going to try any. BIG MISTAKE! Well...not for me...since I had them all to myself. *evil laugh* He actually asked me: "Do you put coconut oil in things purposely so I won't eat them? I'm beginning to think you do." No.......of course not...........I'd never do such a thing.... hehe 

Feastie Friday: 17 Festive Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Daoibh! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Even if you're not celebrating St. Patrick's Day, there's no reason you can't get festive and try one of these 17 fun recipes. From traditional shepherd's pie to the non-traditional (but ridiculously delicious sounding) Guinness braised short rib tacos, we've rounded up the best recipes to honor the holiday. But don't relegate these recipes to St. Patrick's day - anything called sweet and salty boozy Irish truffle cake deserves to be enjoyed every day of the year. So we'll raise our glass of Guinness with you and toast to a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

1. Bangers & Mash with Onion Beer Gravy from foodgloriousfood
Bangers & Mash with Onion Beer Gravy (St Patrick's Day Dinner) from foodgloriousfood
Photo from foodgloriousfood




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