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Google's New Recipe Search declared a failure by food writers.

Just over a month ago, Google announced its new recipe search view, promising that you can "slice and dice" your recipe search results according to recipe-specific qualities such as ingredients, cook time, and calories. Apparently 1% of searches in Google, about 1 billion per month, are for recipes. That's a lot! So creating a view for recipes is certainly worthwhile.

Get cooking - 5 of my favorite recipes.

I love trying new recipes - but it can be a gamble, especially if you're trying something new and different, or cooking with an ingredient you're unfamiliar with. Most of the time my efforts are rewarded with a delicious meal, but I won't lie - I've had my fair share of duds (this is where the leftovers in the freezer come in handy). In my efforts to spare you the frustration, I'll make every attempt to recommend recipes that I've already personally tried and enjoyed. Keeping that in mind, I thought I'd start by sharing a few of my very favorite recipes.

6 Tips for Healthy, Tasty, and Budget-Friendly Meals

Healthy, budget-friendly meal - it's not an oxymoron! If you're trying to eat well and spend less, it can be challenging to find recipes that meet your needs. But with a bit of planning, some organization, and a few tools, it can be done! I have 6 quick tips to get you started. 

  1. Plan ahead! Make a list! The best way to save money at the grocery store is to enter the store armed with a list and a plan. If you shop from your list, you avoid impluse buys and duplicate purchases. I still make a paper list and carry it around with me, but you can make lists on your mobile device - whatever works. I also organize my list by aisle, so I only need to make one trip through the store. Print out or clip any coupons in advance and keep with your list.
  2. Look for versatile, healthy recipes that the whole family will enjoy, like these black bean burgers - top with whatever burger toppings you fancy, from pineapple and teriyaki sauce to the classic lettuce, tomato, and cheese. It's an easy way to please everyone at the table, and cans of low-sodium beans cost a fraction of the price of ground beef and are a great source of protein. These are a staple in my house, and you probably already have most of the ingredients in your pantry. Which leads me to my next tip....



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