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Feastie Friday: Breakfast for Dinner

Pancakes aren't just for breakfast - sometimes they're the perfect dinner. Breakfast for dinner is so much fun, not to mention convenient. Bare fridge? Raid the veggie drawer and make an omelet. Or make some muffins and tea - try your favorite breakfast dish in the PM. Plan a fun "dinner for breakfast" night this week - we've rounded up the top 5 breakfast recipes this week that we think would make scrumptious dinners as well. And check out our Pinterest boards for weekend brunch and quick healthy breakfasts for even more delish ideas!

Banana Baked Donuts with Peanut Butter and Bacon {Elvis Donuts} from Taste and Tell

photo from Taste and Tell

Cinnamon-y Blueberry Crisp or Crumble

When we first arrived at our new place in NJ, we heard from multiple people, "You have to try New Jersey blueberries and tomatoes!" We checked out the little farmers market in our neighborhood a few weekends ago and what do you know - both the tomatoes and blueberries are almost out of season. I was able to get 2 pints of blueberries - the last that farmer had - so I could make this amazing blueberry crumble (crisp? What do you call it?). This is one of The Mr.'s favorite desserts, and he's a hardcore chocoholic, so that says a lot. I try to make it every summer - the caveat being that this crumble only tastes phenomenal when the blueberries are perfectly fresh and ripe. Don't get me wrong - it still tastes good with regular supermarket berries, but it's not oh-wow-I-think-I-need-to-sit-down delicious like it is with fresh plump berries. Last summer I went and picked my own, but since that ship has sailed this summer, these last blueberries were my best shot at a crazy good crumble. And it was so good. Here's another reason why this crumble is so phenomenal - it's super quick/easy to make. I timed myself while I was making it, and it was ready to go in the oven after 10 minutes of prep work. It practically makes itself. I made a half recipe this time and it fit perfectly in my 9.5" (deep-ish) pie dish, which I thought was quite pretty. The tiny hint of cinnamon in the crumbly topping really works perfectly with the blueberries, gives it a little extra "something". Eating this hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top is the epitome of summer. 


Baked Penne with Vegetables

Yet again, I'm leaving The Mr. to his own devices for a bit while I travel, so in the interest of his health (and sanity) I'm making him a bunch of food before I leave. He always likes baked pasta, so I thought I'd make him some baked penne with vegetables, as it's easy to make, easy to freeze, and easy to reheat. I kind of cleaned out the fridge and worked with what I found, and the result is pretty good! I think the next time I'll break down and buy actual fresh mozzarella, because I think that makes a huge difference in a recipe like this, but, well, I'm lazy (did I mention it's one MILLION degrees outside?) and we had a bag of shredded Mexican blend cheese. So in it went. I don't think that was the best choice, but oh well - I don't have to eat it!! HA! Okay that's mean - but let's just say that things like that bother him waaaay less than they bother me - I've seen this guy eat some weird things together, so I don't think the Mexican blend cheese is a stretch. In any case, this is a great way to clean out your veggie drawers and also sneak some veggies into a meal if someone's not a huge fan (if you chop the veggies super fine or even use an immersion blender to smooth out the sauce, you can't really see them). And besides, melty cheese makes everything taste pretty good!


Feastie Friday: Summer Stone Fruit

Standing on the grass in the backyard, biting into a juicy peach and enjoying a total mess of juicy fruit - the epitome of summer. Luckily stone fruits are in season now and you can enjoy nectarines, peaches, plums, apricots, and cherries to your heart's content. And while they're just about perfect on their own, who can resist peach pie? Or apricot jam? When you cook or bake with perfectly ripe, seasonal juicy stone fruit, it doens't take much to create a ridiculously yummy dish, whether it be sweet or savory (or both!). So we've rounded up the top 5 stone fruit recipes on the web this week. Whatever you decide to make, make sure you buy or pick more fruit than needed for your recipe - you'll want something to snack on while you prepare your food!

Plum Butter from Liz the Chef

photo from Liz the Chef


Watermelon, Lime, and Mint Agua Fresca

Nothing says summer quite like watermelon. The Mr. and I have been eating our weight in watermelon lately - since it's just the two of us it takes a bit of effort to consume an entire watermelon on our own. Usually we just munch on cubed watermelon that I keep in the fridge, but lately I've been trying it in some new recipes - a watermelon, mint and feta salad and today a watermelon, lime, and mint agua fresca! I've been seeing a lot of watermelon drinks on Feastie lately and when I opened the fridge and saw the mint and watermelon staring back at me, I decided to toss some stuff in a blender and see what would happen. SO GOOD. And with the 100+ degree heat, it's such a refreshing, light summery drink that feels a bit like a treat. I made one for The Mr. Saturday afternoon after he'd been working in the (sweltering) garage - he slurped it up in seconds. I also have a sneaking suspicion that if some tequila found its way into this drink it wouldn't be too horrible, either. Watermelon margarita, perhaps?


Skinnytaste Bangin' Shrimp Skewers

Whenever I see a word with an apostrophe at the end (i.e. cookin', bangin', singin') I need to say it out loud. Don't know why. I just do. When I saw these bangin' grilled shrimp skewers from Skinnytaste I not only said the title of the recipe out loud, I immediately decided they would be dinner. You see, I've been grill-less for the last 5 1/2 years due to horrifyingly inhumane condo association rules in Maryland. But all that's changed now that we're proud residents of the Garden State! The Mr. and I moved to Princeton, NJ in mid-June and not only do we have a huge deck that opens onto a green space (i.e. a forest full of BUGS), we're allowed to have grills!!! *insert happy dance here* I had planned on these skewers being the FIRST meal on our new grill, but that didn't exactly happen. The grill needed to be assembled, which was easy enough, but it just didn't happen in time for me to make these skewers on the new Weber. So I made them on a grill pan - even easier. In fact I'd say that unless you're already grilling something else (or have a gas grill that's easy to turn on/off), you may as well make these on a grill pan, as they're insanely delicious, quick, and easy. I can't wait to try this bangin' (yes, I said that out loud) sauce on other things - turkey burgers, shrimp burgers, even potato salad or pasta salad! These shrimp are sweet, spicy, tangy, and basically perfect. Totally bangin'. 


Feastie Friday: Top 5 Recipes

Although we usually do a themed Feastie Friday and focus on one particular dish or ingredient, we decided to go rogue this week and just list our top 5 recipes of the week. There are just too many good ones out there - it's too difficult to choose a category or ingredient! So here are the top 5 recipes on the web this week - some sweet, some savory, some hot, some cold - all delectable and delicious!

Whipped Chocolate Biscoff Milkshakes from Cait's Plate

photo from Cait's Plate


Summery Veggie Linguine

Continuing on the no-bake trend, I'm excited to share this no-bake dinner with you guys. The night I made this dinner it was so unbelievably disgustingly hot outside that turning on the oven wasn't even an option. We're talking triple digits - with really high humidity. The night before I thought it'd be a stellar idea to make a cherry cobbler with some beautiful fresh cherries I had on hand, and while the cobbler was good, the 400 degree oven made the house crazy hot! It had been a bit of a trying day, mostly spent in the basement and garage attempting to reclaim the property that is rightfully ours back from the hands (legs? feelers?) of the cave crickets. Ugh. So dinner had to be quick, easy, and not require an oven! I had some really nice zucchini on hand, as well as some fresh local ricotta (soooo good) that I'd used earlier in the week, fresh basil, and a pint of cherry tomatoes (that were beginning to look kinda tired). I was glancing through my saved recipes and came across this skillet pasta dish from Iowa Girl Eats - inspiration! I changed a few things to accommodate what I had on hand and make the dish vegetarian, but it's a great starting-off point for a quick and healthy summer pasta dish. It was so yummy - way yummier than I'd even expected it to be. This is one of those meals that's simple and fast enough to serve as a weeknight meal but tasty enough to serve to guests - definitely one to keep in the rotation.


Seared Salmon Burgers with Light Tartar Sauce

When I was describing these burgers to my sister she was making little "Ummmm" noises, and when I asked her what that was about, she said, "I don't like canned salmon". NO CANNED SALMON HERE! These seared salmon burgers from The Perfect Pantry are made with beautiful wild, raw salmon fillets. They're a cinch to put together, super flavorful, and a fantastic vehicle for my favorite tartar sauce. They cook up quickly and pair perfectly with just about any side - they're a fantastic weeknight dinner. I served these on brioche buns with avocado, but they'd be great on a bed of greens or in a salad, if you're not into the bun idea. They're a great alterna-burger for pescetarian dinner guests or those that avoid red meat. I always have salmon fillets in my freezer, so these are a great last-minute dinner - in other words, these burgers are an epic win, and you should make them immediately! 


Feastie Friday Featured Blogger: Bluebonnets & Brownies

Please welcome our first Feastie Friday Featured Blogger - Amber of Bluebonnets & Brownies! We're so excited to feature Amber's blog this week as well as share her all-time most popular recipe with you (it has over 9,000 pins on Pinterest!!) as well as a few fun details about Amber herself. Reading Bluebonnets & Brownies feels a bit like sitting down at Amber's own kitchen table - her fun, playful personality comes out in her blog posts through her authentic, nostalgic, delicious recipes. Here's a bit more about Amber:





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