Feastie Friday: Pizza

When asked, "What do you want on your pizza?" You'll inevitably hear the usual shouts of "Pepperoni!" or "Sausage!" or "Plain cheese!" But if you want clams or nectarines on your pizza, no problem! Pizza is one of those magical foods where you can take just about any topping and put it on top of the pie and go for it. Brick oven, thin crust, deep dish, grilled pizza - endless varieties with endless topping combinations. Vegan pizza, gluten-free pizza, raw pizza - something for everyone. Now that it's summer and everyone has their grills out, try grilled pizza! How about dessert pizza? Breakfast pizza! We've rounded up the top 5 pizzas on the web this week - everything from seafood to fruit and then some. But this is barely even a glimpse into the world that is pizza - take a look around Feastie and check out our Homemade Pizza board on Pinterest for tons of ideas, and get creative! 

Kale, Pluot, and Ricotta Pizza from Marin Mama Cooks

photo from Marin Mama Cooks


Shrimp Scampi Pizza from We Are Not Martha

photo from We Are Not Martha


Escarole Pizza with White Bean Spread and Caramelized Onions from Grab A Plate

photo from Grab A Plate


White Pizza with Sausage, Pancetta, Leeks and Parmesan from Cake, Batter, and Bowl

photo from Cake, Batter, and Bowl


Thai Chicken Pizza from Munchin with Munchkin

photo from Munchin with Munchkin

Whatever you're craving, you can most likely put it on a pizza. PB&J pizza?! Yep. Bacon pizza? Sure. So get creative, go nuts, and enjoy your pizza!

Happy Eating,

Team Feastie

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