Feastie Friday: Indian at Home

At Feastie we love homemade versions of our favorite takeout dishes - you can make healthier versions of your favorites and save money as well. Besides, what's better than Indian food on demand?! Not much. The long list of ingredients in a curry can be intimidating at first glance, but most spices can be purchased by the ounce in the bulk spice bins at your local health food store or Indian grocery. In fact - if you haven't already shopped the Indian grocery for spices, you're missing out - you can save major moolah by buying spices at speciality ethnic markets. We've rounded up the top 5 Indian recipes this week for you to try at home - just a mere glimpse into Indian cuisine, but a great way to get inspired to cook Indian dishes in your own kitchen. 

Chana Saag Wtih Rogan Josh Fritters from MarocMama
Chana Saag Wtih Rogan Josh Fritters from MarocMama
Photo from MarocMama


Kaima Idli from Rak's Kitchen
  KAIMA IDLI RECIPE  from Rak's Kitchen
Photo from Rak's Kitchen


Cashew and Chickpea Curry from Macheesmo

Photo from Macheesmo


Buttery Chicken from Adora's Box
Photo from Adora's Box


Murukku from Sailu's Kitchen
Flour Recipes from Sailu's Kitchen
Photo from Sailu's Kitchen


Don't forget the mango lassi and gajar halwa!

Happy Eating,

Team Feastie

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