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Add Your Site to Feastie

If you have a blog or site with recipes, you can submit your site by filling out the form below. We'll add your recipes as soon as we can (usually within a month) so that your recipes can be searchable within Feastie and connected to our grocery list tool. Once your site is indexed by Feastie, be sure to add the FeastieBar so that your readers can bookmark your recipes, save their cooking histories, and make grocery lists directly from your site.


  1. Your site must be a live site that is crawlable to our FeastieBot. Please note that we cannot crawl blogs using the DynamicViews option in Blogspot or that use the Jux platform because of the heavy use of JavaScript. See this page for guidelines on making sure your site is crawlable.
  2. Your site must have a clean structure and RSS feed such that new posts are included in the RSS feed. (Note that this is the default if you are posting recipes as blog posts.)
  3. Your site must have a valid RSS or Atom feed. Most blog platforms like WordPress or Blogspot have this built in. Feedburner works too. Please use this page to make sure your feed address is valid before you enter it.
  4. Your site, or a section of your site, must be in English. Recipes presented in two languages are okay, but only recipe pages that are primarily in English will be indexed.
  5. Your blog posts or recipe pages must contain original writing, such as notes about the recipe or a story about when you cooked it.
  6. You must have original photos for most, preferably all, recipes.
  7. Your recipes should be in an easily readable format, with clear ingredient lists that include amounts for most of the ingredients. "Salt and pepper to taste" or "a handful of raisins" is okay, but a recipe with a list of ingredients that does not include any amounts may not be included.


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